Friends, on behalf of the CAWS 2020 Convention Committee, we want you to be aware of our response to the COVID-19.

We are moving forward with the CAWS 2020 World Service Convention as planned. While we know that things can change, we will do our VERY best to get any new information to you right away. Please rest assured that we are on top of this situation. We will not do anything that would put our fellows in any sort of health danger.

It is our belief that it would be premature to make any decisions regarding cancellation at this time and as mentioned before, we are continuing to work on the convention and are still planning on hosting you in our beautiful city of Austin!

That all being said, we are closely monitoring the Facebook group and other social media avenues and we will only allow fact based information to be posted to the group.

Stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing you in Austin.

“Temper fear with reason, panic with patience and uncertainty with education. Facts not fear. Clean Hands. Open Hearts.”*

You may reach out to me directly at or text or call me at 512.699.8002.

Susan L.

CAWS 2020 Convention Chair

*Dr. Abnu Sharkaway

From the World Service Board of Trustees

March 14, 2020
Dear fellow addicts:

This is an unusual time in all our societies and many aspects of our lives have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous (and most other 12 Step fellowships) this poses certain unique problems. We, both as the Trustee board, and as individual Trustees, have been asked for advice on how Groups and Areas might adapt to the ever-changing requirements of this hopefully short period. In particular, we have been asked about safety at meetings, and whether to hold larger events such as conventions as scheduled. We have been working toward answering these questions, trying to better understand the dangers involved and the range of responses that might be useful to our members. We have no advice on the virus itself or other medical issues. We suggest that you consult your personal physician, or the national government office responsible for such information.

In the USA this would be the CDC (

International information is available through
the WHO (…/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019).
Information is updated daily.

While different areas are being impacted at different rates, it seems likely that all areas will be exposed to this virus by the end of March. Accordingly, we have the following short-term suggestions:
• Members should stay home if sick. There is nothing so important that it justifies endangering others. By all accounts this virus is easily transmitted.
• Groups should consider whether their meeting(s) should be suspended or curtailed. Larger meetings should carefully consider whether other smaller meetings should be supported instead.
• Where meetings are held, steps should be taken to minimize the risk of exposure. Food tables, holding hands and passing items around should probably be avoided. Seating might be spread out more than
• Groups or meetings that are needing to be suspended for any duration may choose to setup meetings through online video-conferencing methods.
• Online meetings are available for members who are ill, in quarantine, or otherwise wish to minimize social contact. See for a list of both voice and email meetings.
• We strongly suggest that C.A. events where hundreds of attendees are expected, planned for the next 30 days, be canceled now. There may be additional legal requirements in your area, and these may change with time. Your Trustee is available to assist you.
• The board of Trustees is continuing to monitor the situation daily as it applies to the 2020 World Service Convention in Austin. As of now, the convention will take place as planned. The board of Trustees, together with the World Service Office and the 2020 Steering Committee will keep our membership informed with regards to this event.
• All Areas, and the World Service Office, are going to experience financial losses during this time, due to event cancellation and other disruptions. Members and Groups are asked to consider that when making 7th Tradition donations.
• Keep informed about local conditions, news and instructions from your local officials, and be prepared to adapt your responses as needed. All state and local rules regarding this crisis should be observed.

This, too, shall pass and the Steps will help us get through this time, no matter what. Be well.
Your World Service Board of Trustees

Good Afternoon Partners,

I hope your year is off to a great start and know that our entire team is excited to welcome you and your attendees to Hyatt Regency Austin for upcoming events. I hope you don’t mind me reaching out directly but I want to be proactive about your questions and concerns relating to the impacts of COVID-19 and our precautionary measures at the hotel. I also want to offer myself as an additional resource should there be questions from any of your stakeholders about our operational procedures that may calm any uneasiness that they are experiencing.

At Hyatt Regency Austin, the safety and wellbeing of our guests and colleagues is always a top priority. We continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation. In January 2020, a comprehensive guide about COVID-19 was shared with all Hyatt hotels globally, including Hyatt Regency Austin, that outlines what is COVID-19, how to protect against transmission of the virus, colleague education, operational procedures if the virus is confirmed among a colleague or guest, and more. We will remain vigilant and follow the recommended procedures and protocols of the World Health Organization, CDC, and the Austin Health Department to ensure that all hotel practices meet the latest COVID-19 guidance.

As you can understand, the situation is extremely fluid but I want to reassure you, your leadership and attendees that we are taking precautionary steps to ensure the safety of our guests and colleagues. Though we remain in a low-risk category according to local authorities, my senior leadership group meets daily to adjust planning that includes some core fundamentals noted below:

Encouragement of proper hand hygiene through numerous care stations throughout the hotel public space, meeting space, and back of house colleague areas
Increased frequency of surface cleaning throughout the hotel public space, public restrooms and meeting space
Guest wellness checks during the check-in process and colleague wellness checks throughout the day

I hope this information is sufficient but please feel free to pass on my direct contact information should additional clarification be needed. We remain committed to our partnership and look forward to our business together.

Jeff Donahoe

General Manager

208 Barton Springs, Austin, TX 78704, USA
T +1.512.480.2030 E